BV Dairy is the home of award-winning Dorset Clotted Cream and a widely respected independent manufacturer of consistently top-quality dairy products for the manufacturing, catering, food service and contract manufacturing industries. With roots firmly in Dorset, BV Dairy’s values are based on respect, improvement, progression and sustainability.

Established in 1958, the company received several prestigious awards in 2018 including the Dorset Chamber of Commerce ‘Business of the Year’ and ‘Investing in Dorset’ Awards and the Blackmore Vale Media overall ‘Business of the Year’, ‘Large Business of the Year’ and ‘Best Place to Work’ awards.

BV Dairy sources the majority of its milk from Red Tractor accredited farms from within a 25-mile radius of its base in Shaftesbury. Many of these farms are located on the rich pastures of the Blackmore Vale and the Farm Liaison Team build strong, lasting relationships with the Farmers and help in maintaining their herds of happy, healthy dairy cattle.

BV Dairy maintains the highest standards and recognises the importance of applying advanced process technology alongside a knowledgeable background of traditional techniques. Pride is taken in their state-of-the-art facilities and new production equipment, such as the addition of a new bottling line. The environment is also important and everything is done to minimise the production plant’s impact on the local area. Innovation is provided by a dedicated development team who work with customers to provide the best solutions for their needs and the wide range of products produced include:

Soft Cheeses, Crème Fraiche, Buttermilk, Award-winning Dorset Clotted Cream, Fromage Frais, Yogurts including Greek Style, Soured Cream, Mascarpone and cultured milk and yogurt drinks.


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